A Notice from Vikki

Back in July, the PCC agreed that in mid/late September we would review any feasibility of re-opening the church building under the Government and Church of England guidelines. The PCC virtually met on 16th September and agreed to take the first tentative step of re-opening the building for funerals. This, of course, would be subject to the guidelines mentioned above and that a team of volunteers to help prepare and clean the building is in place. 

Any loss of a loved one is a very difficult and emotional time and through the pandemic many bereaved have voiced that it’s been even harder under all of the guidance. It is hoped that if the funeral can be held at St James, this would bring some comfort to the bereaved in their journey of grief.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer to help to keep the building open for funerals then please be in touch with me. To keep everyone as safe as we can, any volunteer would need to follow the guidelines issued and not be in any of the NHS vulnerable categories ie no underlying health issues or over 70 years of age. Please see the NHS advice for further information.

The PCC will review any further opening of the building at their November meeting. 

We are living in uncertain times and the increased sense of the unknown for many is a real form of anxiety and fear. Please do be in touch if you would like a chat or would like to be prayed for. Let us stand together on the firm foundation that God is our rock and our refuge and that He will see us through these storms of life.

Blessings, Vikki



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